Hey everyone, this is going to be the last post of 2015, and we can’t wait to get started again in the New Year. This post today will be about a excellent moving company that has proven themselves over and over again with us. Each time we use them for a move they do a phenomenal job to say the least. Being that they have been doing this for about 17 or so years, they have pretty much mastered the whole process form beginning to end, with all the details in between. There is not one thing bad we have to say about them, and that is saying a lot when it comes to moving companies. Almost every person I have ever spoken to about their move has had at least one thing negative to say about the moving company that did the job, and most have more then one thing to say bad. However, this company we are talking about today is near perfect, and that is something we can say based on multiple personal experiences. You can check out their company website by following the link here http://serenitymoversnewyork.com to get all the information you could possibly think of. The best thing you can do for yourself is get all the information possible to have for future use so that you are not pressured at the last minute to start doing research on local moving companies. That is a mistake I did quite a few times before I found the company I am talking about today. The biggest mistake I made before I found the best moving company around was get talked into a low price quote and agreeing to that, and then once they came out and finished the job it just happened to be much more then the initial quote I was given. I believe that is called the infamous “bait n switch” where a company gives you a super low price in the quote and then you commit to using them, schedule a time and day for them to come out, and then once they are finished they hit you with the final price which just so happens to be more then the quote.

We firmly believe that Serenity Movers New York is by far the Best Of The Best when it comes to Moving Companies in New York. So go check them out now and be sure to keep their information handy so the next time you move you will have it nearby.