Ok guys and girls, today I am going to tell you all about a great moving company in New York that I came across a few months ago when we were moving across town in the NYC. We found them by searching far and long on the internet, doing tons of research and searches, and asking friends and family if they knew any good moving companies around here. I think we really did find a diamond in the ruff when we stumbled across this company, and it turns out they happen to be the best and most upfront NYC Moving Company out there, period end of story. During our research and searching we spoke to probably about 30 different companies and went thru a long and tedious interview process to find this company. After tons of questions and answers, and quotes and all of that, we finally came across a company we thought was a good fit for us and our move. And since we love all the companies that participate in helping the environment, we liked this company because they are considered Green Movers and that is what finally sealed the deal. Once we picked this company we went ahead and handled the rest of the necessary things, payment to them, getting boxes, and all that good stuff. The day of the move came and they were prompt. They immediately got started and they were working super fast. We paid for 3 guys and 3 hours, but at the rate they were going it looked like we would only need 2 of those hours. Once it all was packed up and loaded into the truck we were off to the new condo we were moving into. At this point all that they had to do was unload the stuff and put it where we wanted it. That only took 45 minutes and we were about 2 hours into it. So that means that we had an extra hour of them there to help us out with moving stuff around, assembling a few things, and any other odds and ends we needed help with. They were very eager to help us out in any ways we can, even if it had nothing to do with moving. That made us even happier and we saved a bunch of money by not having to hire a handyman to come out and do a few things. We really are very happy with the service we got from Serenity Movers NYC, and we now know why they are the best Moving Company In NYC. Everybody told us so but we could not believe them until we actually saw it in person. Once we saw it we called and emailed everyone who recommended them and thanked them all. Seriously, if you are planning on moving and live in New York City, then we definitely suggest you check these guys out, you will be more than satisfied with their work and you will be thanking us when they are done. Go ahead and check out their site now, and give them a chance to show you why they are the leading Movers In NYC area.